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WalkMed 350VL Infusion Pump

Accurate. Portable. Easy to use.

A Champion of Reliability 
and Ease of Use

The WalkMed 350VL infusion pump is trusted for a reason. Its quality and dependability have been proven by years of consistent performance. Primarily designed for ambulatory therapy, the 350VL is lightweight, easy to program, and able to last days on a single 9V battery.

Advantages of the WalkMed 350VL infusion Pump

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The WalkMed 350VL pump is programmable for therapies between 0.1 to 30mL per hour with a delivery accuracy of ±5%.

Lightest pump on the market

The WalkMed 350VL is only 12 ounces and is designed for portability. It is small and easy to carry, making it a favorite of patients in any environment and especially useful for applications such as military healthcare, where weight is at a premium. An accessory pouch is provided with each pump, allowing the patient to attach it to a belt or shoulder strap and use it discreetly.

Long Battery Life

The WalkMed 350VL infusion pump can run for days on a single nine-volt battery. For example, it will easily take a patient through an entire 5-FU infusion cycle at the typical run rate of 2-3 mL/hr. As a result, the patient will typically not need to interact with the pump during the course of their therapy. Should they need to interact with the pump, we provide straightforward user guides, a 24-hour helpline, and a wealth of user resources.

Industry-leading colon cancer chemotherapy infusion pump

Our ambulatory infusion pump is used in a wide variety of healthcare applications, thanks to its accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. It is especially well-suited for colon cancer chemotherapy and infusion, and is the go-to choice for colon cancer healthcare providers across the country.

Ease of Use

The WalkMed 350VL has an interface that is simple and easy to understand, making this pump exceptionally easy to program. There are no complex sub-menus or complicated settings. Additionally, our administration sets are easily attached to the pump. Combined with the equally user-friendly WalkMed reservoir bags, our pump will make your entire preparation process fast and streamlined.

Additional Programming Options

The WalkMed 350VL has a Total Volume Limit option. This allows you to program the pump to a volume limit at which a 4-hour KVO (keep vein open) mode will initiate, dropping the infusion rate to the level necessary to keep the vein from collapsing.

Easy-To-Fill Reservoir Bag

Unlike cassette reservoirs, which are extremely unwieldy to fill and attach, the WalkMed 350VL features reservoir bags specifically made to be simple and user-friendly. Designed with high-quality materials and extreme dosage precision, our reservoir bags are quick to fill, easy to attach, and convenient for evacuating air.

Military infusion pump for field applications

The WalkMed 350VL is also one of the lightest and most portable ambulatory infusion pumps available, making it ideal for military organizations and care providers.

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What You Get When You Choose the WalkMed 350VL

Clinicians need to know they can depend on the equipment they use every day. Our pump has a track record backed by decades of consistent performance in the field. Here are some of the attributes that make the WalkMed 350VL infusion pump stand out from the rest.

Weight of Just 12 oz

The WalkMed 350VL pump weighs just 12 oz (360 g), making it the smallest ambulatory infusion pump for 5-FU therapy on the market. Including the front cover, the 350VL measures just 4.4 x 4.0 x 1.5 in. Its small size makes it easy to carry in a purse.

18.7 Days of Battery Life at 1 mL/hr

At any infusion rate, the battery life of WalkMed 350VL is exceptional. On the lower end, at 1 mL/hr, an unused 9V battery will last for as long as 18.7 days. At the infusion rate of 10 mL/hr, our pump can easily last about 2.7 days, which is more than enough to complete a typical infusion cycle of 46 hours.

Delivery accuracy ±5%

It’s critical that your ambulatory infusion pump can hold the accuracy defined in the operation manual. With WalkMed 350VL, there is no reason for concern. It holds a consistent delivery accuracy of ±5% to the programmed value of run rate.

24-hour helpline

Our after-hours customer support line is always there to help patients and medical professionals with any urgent questions. If a patient is using the pump at home and gets an alert message on the display, they can call for help to get it resolved right away.

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Technical Information about the WalkMed 350VL pump


Dimensions 4.4 x 4.0 x 1.5 in. (includes front cover)
Weight 12 oz (includes battery and front covers)
Accuracy +/- 5%
Infusion Mode Continuous
Flow Rate 0.10 – 19.99 mL/hr (0.01 mL resolution) 20.0 – 30.0 mL/hr (0.10 mL resolution)
Total Programmable Volume Limit 1 – 1,999 mL
Reservoir Volume 65, 150, 250 mL bags
Power 9 volt battery (alkaline)
Typical Battery Capacity 450 mL @ 1 mL/hr – 18.7 Days 650 mL @ 10 mL/hr – 2.7 Days 500mL @ 30 mL/hr – 0.7 Days
Alarms/Alerts System Idle, Downstream Occlusion, Low Battery, Depleted Battery, Data Entry Error, Clamp Bar Open, System Malfunction, End of Infusion Notice, KVO Reached, Under-Delivery, Over-delivery

KVO Rates

When the Total Volume Limit has been reached, the pump will beep three times, the Status LED will blink yellow and the pump will continue delivery at one of the following End of Infusion KVO (keep vein open) rates:
If the Basal Flow Rate was programmed to: KVO Flow rate will be:
> 1.0 ml/hr 0.5 ml/hr
< 1.0 ml/hr and > 0.2 ml/hr 0.2 ml/hr
< 0.2 ml/hr Programmed Basal Rate

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We're Here To Help

We recommend your pump undergo maintenance on an annual basis. Watch our video tutorial to find out more.
We recommend using a Duracell® brand MN1604, Medline MPHB, or equivalent 9-volt alkaline battery.
Clean the surfaces of the pump using a cloth dampened with water, mild cleanser, or a diluted solution of a mild dish-washing detergent. Avoid using caustic/acidic solvents such as paint thinner or lacquer remover. Watch our video tutorial to find out more.
To replace the battery, first remove the front cover from the pump. Stop medication delivery and then turn the pump power off. Place your thumb on top of the battery, and push down and away from the terminals. Once the battery is disconnected, lift the battery out of the battery compartment. Dispose of the battery according to the battery manufacturer’s recommendations and in accordance with applicable environmental regulations. Wait approximately 15 seconds between removing the battery and installing the new battery, to allow the pump to turn on properly. Watch our video tutorial to find out more.
It’s likely that the volume from the previous infusion was not cleared. Watch our video tutorial to find out more.

WalkMed reservoir bags come in three different sizes: 65mL, 150mL, and 250mL. All sizes are designed to accommodate 10% overfill.

All WalkMed administration sets and reservoir bags are DEHP-free and safe to use.

Our Services

World-Class Support
Every Step Of The Way

When you buy a WalkMed 350VL, you’re getting more than a pump. We go above and beyond for all our clients, including designing custom projects for larger fleets. Here are some of the services we offer:

24-hour Customer Support

Our 24-hour customer helpline is always there to address your urgent needs. Call us at 1-800-578-0555 to be connected with an expert — a WalkMed team member during business hours and a registered nurse after hours.

Annual Maintenance

We encourage all our customers to send their pumps to us for regular annual maintenance. Our high standard of testing can diagnose issues before they become problems.

Efficient Repairs

The typical turnaround time for repairs is as little as five business days, given a same-day quote approval. Contact us at 1-800-578-0555 to get the process started.

Maintenance Reminder

For pumps serviced at the WalkMed Corporate Offices, we offer a service reminder for upcoming preventative maintenance. We encourage all our customers to service their pumps with us regularly to keep them operating efficiently and within specification.

Customer Training

We offer nationwide onsite and virtual training sessions on how to use our pumps as part of our commitment to excellence in customer support. We can also train new staff joining an existing client facility.

Biomed Product Certification

Customers can be trained and certified as WalkMed-approved service providers. This can be especially helpful for larger clients with biomedical departments that prefer to service their WalkMed pumps in-house.

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