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Reservoir Bags

Quality and Utility: What makes WalkMed bags different from the rest

Designed to Make
Your Job Easier

Clinicians need to know the products they use every day are safe, reliable, and easy to operate. That includes reservoir bags. But not all bags are created equal. Learn more about what separates WalkMed from others.

The Advantages of WalkMed Reservoir Bags

Our goal is to provide safe, dependable products that improve people’s quality of life. Quick to fill, easy to attach, and convenient for evacuating air, our reservoir bags will truly simplify your preparation process.

Designed to Keep Air Out

Each bag comes packaged with a non-vented cap and slide clamp to keep air out and prevent medication leaks. Our bags are also flexible, allowing excess air to be manipulated to the top of the bag and easily removed, unlike with hard plastic reservoirs.

Designed for Dosage Precision

The WalkMed bag volume sizes (65mL, 150mL, and 250mL) combined with the 10% overfill capability allow greater flexibility for standardized dosing for a much larger percentage of the patient population. As an example, a standard 5-FU regimen of 3 mL/hr over 46 hours will work for a large segment of patients requiring therapy.

Designed With High-Quality Materials

WalkMed reservoir bags are made of DEHP-free and natural latex-free EVA film and other materials which meet the regulatory requirements (ISO 10993-1, Biological evaluation of medical devices). Our commitment to high standards and quality is applied in every aspect of our offering, including the materials we use to make our reservoir bags.

Versatility and Easy Connection

WalkMed’s reservoir bags are easy to fill and quick to attach, cutting down on preparation time. Fitted with an industry-standard Luer connection, they can easily connect with any standard syringe, so filling them is quick and easy.

All Bags Are Not Created Equal

The choice of the right reservoir bag can be as important as choosing the correct pump. The design of the WalkMed reservoir bag makes the process easier for both pharmacists and clinicians. Here are some facts that prove why it makes sense to choose our bags.

Less Than .1% DEHP

Bags and tubing made with DEHP can expose patients to the phthalate DEHP, which can have harmful effects on the body. All WalkMed reservoir bags and administration sets qualify as DEHP-free and safe to use.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

10% Overfill

All of our bags are designed to accommodate 10% overfill to allow for the infusion of the programmed volume and KVO (keep vein open) mode.

Trusted by hundreds of clinics

Over 400 medical facilities across the United States are putting their trust in our reservoir bags to deliver various types of ambulatory infusion therapy to their patients.

A Choice of 3 Sizes

Our reservoir bags come in three sizes to accommodate a variety of different dosages. When administering a small dosage, having a smaller bag means less medication gets caught on the bag surface and therefore wasted.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011


All WalkMed bags and administration sets are made without natural rubber latex. For patients with severe allergies to latex, having a latex-free option makes all the difference when it comes to safety.

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