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About Us

A history of dependability and exceptional service in the ambulatory infusion industry

Pioneers of Ambulatory Infusion

Originally developed in the mid-’80s for 5-FU therapy, WalkMed was one of the first pump lines created for ambulatory use. It helped pave the way for ambulatory infusions with innovations that maximized battery life while placing a focus on safety.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

WalkMed was started with the goal of providing safe, expertly made ambulatory infusion pumps that improve people’s quality of life. That remains our mission today. WalkMed goes to great lengths to provide customers with dependable, cost-effective solutions for ambulatory infusion therapies.

Our Services

World-Class Support
Every Step of the Way

When you buy a WalkMed 350VL, you’re getting more than a pump. We go above and beyond for all our clients, including designing custom projects for larger fleets. Here are some of the services we offer:

24-hour Customer Support

Our 24-hour customer helpline is always there to address your urgent needs. Call us at 1-800-578-0555 to be connected with an expert — a WalkMed team member during business hours and a registered nurse after hours.

Annual Maintenance

We encourage all our customers to send their pumps to us for regular annual maintenance. Our high standard of testing can diagnose issues before they become problems.

Efficient Repairs

The typical turnaround time for repairs is as little as five business days, given a same-day quote approval. Contact us at 1-800-578-0555 to get the process started.

Maintenance Reminder

For pumps serviced at the WalkMed Corporate Offices, we offer a service reminder for upcoming preventative maintenance. We encourage all our customers to service their pumps with us regularly to keep them operating efficiently and within specification.

Customer Training

We offer nationwide onsite and virtual training sessions on how to use our pumps as part of our commitment to excellence in customer support. We can also train new staff joining an existing client facility.

Biomed Product Certification

Customers can be trained and certified as WalkMed-approved service providers. This can be especially helpful for larger clients with biomedical departments that prefer to service their WalkMed pumps in-house.

Why WalkMed Is A Smart Choice

There are plenty of reasons our clients trust WalkMed to deliver an exceptional product. Read on for a few facts that show why this is the case.

Made In USA - Trusted Worldwide

All WalkMed pumps are manufactured and maintained in the United States and used by clients in the U.S., Europe, and Australia ranging from small clinics to the biggest cancer treatment center in the United States.

Proven To Be Dependable

With over 19,000 pumps produced since 2008, WalkMed has established a solid track record of reliability. The wealth of data that we've collected over the years serves as proof that our technology can be trusted.

Committed To Quality

Our Quality Management System meets or exceeds relevant regulatory requirements and standards including FDA Quality System Regulations, and ISO 13485.

Specialized in Ambulatory Infusion

Ambulatory infusion is our only focus. This focus has allowed WalkMed to develop specialized products we can confidently stand behind in the ambulatory infusion market.

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