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We’ve gathered useful resources for clinicians and patients in one place to make finding the answers to your questions easier. Browse videos, downloadables, and more below.

WalkMed 350VL Pump Training Videos

Visual walkthroughs for clinicians learning to use the WalkMed 350VL pump. Here you can find a complete review and explanation of the pump for users including setup, programming, cleaning procedures, and more. Click on a chapter to learn more.
Chapter 1 - Introducing the WalkMed 350VL
Chapter 2 - Review of the WalkMed 350VL Pump
Chapter 3 - WalkMed 350VL Pump Signals
Chapter 4 - WalkMed 350VL Covers and Battery Installation
Chapter 5 - WalkMed 350VL Reservoir and Tubing Set
Chapter 6 - WalkMed 350VL Control Functions and Keypad Features
Chapter 7 - Powering On, Setting the Basal Rate on the WalkMed 350VL
Chapter 8 - Setting Total Volume on the Delivered Screen of the WalkMed 350VL
Chapter 9 - WalkMed 350VL Checking the Prime Set Tubing
Chapter 10 - Delivering Medication, KVO Rate, and Disabling the WalkMed 350VL Pump
Chapter 11 - Key Things to Remember When Using the WalkMed 350VL Pump
Chapter 12 - Cleaning and Care of the WalkMed 350VL Pump

Our Services

World-Class Support
Every Step Of The Way

When you buy a WalkMed 350VL, you’re getting more than a pump. We go above and beyond for all our clients, including designing custom projects for larger fleets. Here are some of the services we offer:

24-hour Customer Support

Our 24-hour customer helpline is always there to address your urgent needs. Call us at 1-800-578-0555 to be connected with an expert — a WalkMed team member during business hours and a registered nurse after hours.

Annual Maintenance

We encourage all our customers to send their pumps to us for regular annual maintenance. Our high standard of testing can diagnose issues before they become problems.

Efficient Repairs

The typical turnaround time for repairs is as little as five business days, given a same-day quote approval. Contact us at 1-800-578-0555 to get the process started.

Maintenance Reminder

For pumps serviced at the WalkMed Corporate Offices, we offer a service reminder for upcoming preventative maintenance. We encourage all our customers to service their pumps with us regularly to keep them operating efficiently and within specification.

Customer Training

We offer nationwide onsite and virtual training sessions on how to use our pumps as part of our commitment to excellence in customer support. We can also train new staff joining an existing client facility.

Biomed Product Certification

Customers can be trained and certified as WalkMed-approved service providers. This can be especially helpful for larger clients with biomedical departments that prefer to service their WalkMed pumps in-house.

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