Everything you need to carry and protect your WalkMed 350VL pump.

Accessories Available From WalkMed

Covers, pouches, and more – here you can find everything you need to outfit the WalkMed 350VL pump. We offer both disposable and reusable accessories. Looking for something not listed here? Contact us to see if it’s available.

Reservoir Covers and Keypad Covers

We offer a selection of covers to help increase the longevity and durability of your pump.

Tamper Resistant Reservoir Covers And Keypad Covers

For additional protection, WalkMed offers tamper resistant covers designed to prevent unauthorized tampering of the WalkMed 350VL infusion pump.

Carrying Pouches and Cases

Choose from our selection of pouches and cases to carry your WalkMed 350VL infusion pump and disposables in.

Other Accessories

For any additional items you might need to use with your carrying case, pouch, or pump, we’ve got you covered! Learn more about our other accessories below.

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