Need replacements for InfuTronix’s Nimbus infusion pumps? We’re here to help.

Many hospitals, oncology centers, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers around the country have been affected by the InfuTronix (formerly called Zyno Medical) recall of their Nimbus infusion pumps. While the recall is voluntary, disposable supply has become limited.

For more than thirty years, WalkMed has understood the importance of ensuring patient safety with reliable product inventories, which is why we’re the proud manufacturer of the 350VL Ambulatory Infusion Pump.

We have a large inventory of pumps and offer same-day shipping, along with 24/7/365 clinician support to ensure you can provide a seamless patient experience.

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Why the WalkMed 350VL ambulatory infusion pump is a smart choice to replace your Nimbus ambulatory pump


WalkMed offers the lowest upfront cost and capital overlay of any infusion pump on the market–and still provides product efficacy and reliability to rival Cadd or any other industry option.

Ease of Use

The 350VL interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to program, with no complex submenus or complicated settings.

Efficient drug preparation with reservoir bags

Combined with our user-friendly reservoir bags, the 350VL pump makes the entire drug preparation process fast, simple, and streamlined.


Designed for ambulatory use, the 350VL is easy for patients to carry and is the smallest and lightest infusion pump on the market.

Long Battery Life

The 350VL can run for days on a single nine-volt battery, meaning the patient will typically not need to interact with the pump during the course of their treatment.


Consider whether the pump will stand the test of time. Pumps that are more robust reduce the cost of ownership, since you’ll spend less money on repairs.

We’re here for you, 24/7/365

Our service doesn’t end with the sale

We want to ensure that our customers and their patients are fully supported with the WalkMed 350VL throughout the treatment process. For patients, we provide straightforward user guides, a 24-hour helpline, and a robust library of user resources. Our after-hours customer support line is always available to help medical professionals with any urgent questions.

Have an urgent need? We offer same-day shipping.

We never want to leave our customers in the lurch, which is why we keep a large stock of infusion pumps in stock and are ready to ship anywhere in the United States at a moment’s notice.

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Our team is here to help in the wake of the Nimbus infusion pump recall.