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We are the proud manufacturers of the WalkMed 350VL ambulatory infusion pump. For over three decades, WalkMed has established a reputation for reliability in the manufacturing and servicing of ambulatory infusion equipment.

The WalkMed 350VL Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Everything You Need In An Ambulatory Infusion Pump. 
Nothing You Don’t.

The WalkMed 350VL infusion pump stands out as one of the most durable, portable, and easy-to-use ambulatory pumps available today.


The WalkMed 350VL pump is programmable for therapies between 0.1 to 30mL per hour with a delivery accuracy of ±5%.

Long Battery Life

The WalkMed 350VL infusion pump can run for days on a single nine-volt battery. As a result, the patient will typically not need to interact with the pump during the course of their therapy. For example, it will easily take a patient through an entire 5-FU infusion cycle at the typical run rate of 2-3 mL/hr. 

Ease of Use

WalkMed 350VL has an interface that is simple and easy to understand, making this pump exceptionally easy to program. There are no complex sub-menus or complicated settings. To simplify your preparation process even more, combine your pump with our user-friendly and easy to attach reservoir bags and administration sets.

Learn What Matters When Choosing 
An Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Not All Pumps Are Created Equal

Need a reliable infusion pump? Here’s what to look for to make sure you’re getting the best product that fits your needs.


Consider whether the pump will stand the test of time. Pumps that are more robust reduce the cost of ownership since you’ll spend less money on repairs.

Size and Weight

The design of the pump you’re considering should fit its intended use. Ambulatory pumps should be relatively small, light, and portable so people can easily carry them and conduct their daily activities while undergoing infusions.

Battery Life

For ambulatory pumps, long battery life is essential. A depleted battery mid-infusion forces a patient to figure out how to change the battery themselves or requires you to send medical staff to do it for them. Look for pumps with a longer battery life that will allow treatment to continue uninterrupted.

Learn How To Choose The Right Pump

If you’re searching for more information on how to select the right ambulatory pump for your needs, our “Ambulatory Pumps 101” guide will give you all the answers.

Why WalkMed Is A Smart Choice

Made In USA - Trusted Worldwide

All WalkMed pumps are manufactured and maintained in the United States and used by clients in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, ranging from small clinics to the largest cancer treatment centers in the United States.

Committed To Quality

Our Quality Management System meets or exceeds relevant regulatory requirements and standards including FDA Quality System Regulations, and ISO 13485.

Proven To Be Dependable

With over 19,000 pumps produced since 2008, WalkMed has established a solid track record of reliability. The wealth of data that we've collected over the years serves as proof that our technology can be trusted.

Specialized In Ambulatory Infusion

Ambulatory infusion is our only focus. This focus has allowed WalkMed to develop specialized products we can confidently stand behind in the ambulatory infusion market.

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WalkMed Reservoir Bags

Designed to Simplify Your Preparation Process

Versatility and Easy Connection

WalkMed’s reservoir bags are easy to fill and quick to attach, cutting down on preparation time. Fitted with an industry-standard Luer connection, they can easily connect with any standard syringe, so filling them is as quick and easy as it can be.

User Resources

Already have a WalkMed pump? Our user resources for clinicians and patients can help guide you on how to properly handle and care for WalkMed 350VL infusion pumps. From quick reference cards to the 350VL operator’s manual, to detailed training videos, you can find answers to most of your questions by clicking on the link below.

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